State of the art vacuums with improved suction.


Foggers to deodorise & sanitise your environment.


Skipper balls and offset jets for each unit situation.

You deserve cleaner air.

Island Cleaning air duct & vent specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and specially trained technicians.

Based on the occupancy, industry standards recommend that you have your air ducts inspected every 6 months for cleanliness and serviced, on average, every 12 months.

We degrease and clean all vents in addition to sanitizing your building's air system with a special indoor air treatment and odour eliminator. Carpets and furnishings are protected during cleaning and care is taken to protect the duct work, including sealing any access holes we may have made or used so they are airtight.

We provide services to office buildings (10-100 tonne AC units),
restaurants & townhouses.